Hospice Care

Our hospice services are tailored to provide comfort to individuals with life-limiting illnesses and their families. Treatments are administered to manage pain and symptoms, as well as provide emotional, spiritual and social support. Our goal for each patient is to create a care plan that allows them to enjoy the time they have remaining with a high quality of life. While care is highly customized for each individual patient’s needs, our hospice services typically include:

Pain and Symptom Management

Through coordination with a patient’s physician and our staff, treatment, therapy, and medication are administered to keep the patient comfortable and minimize pain and other symptoms. Special considerations are made to keep patients alert and able to enjoy their environment and the company of their loved ones. There are no mandatory limitations put in place on the treatments hospice patients are able to receive, so they’ll never be forced to abandon medications or therapies they believe in. 

Personal Assistance

Our knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate staff make daily visits to patients and are available anytime for additional assistance. This can include administering treatments, or day-to-day living assistance like dressing, cooking, cleaning, hygiene and other helpful chores around the house. Assistance is intended to help allow patients to remain as independent as they wish, while also helping them live a comfortable lifestyle. Typically, these services are provided to patients in their own homes, but can also be adjusted to arrange for care to continue even in the event of a hospital admittance or move to an extended-care facility. 

Spiritual Care

In what can be a difficult time of transition, we’ve found that spiritual support can be as beneficial as any form of medical treatment. Not only do these services help patients to develop a profound understanding of their illness and circumstances, but they also help bring peace to the family and other loved ones involved. Spiritual care often includes visits from clergy and other spiritual counselors to provide guidance and support, or even help with religious ceremonies or rituals. 

Coordination of Care

Our interdisciplinary team is made up of experienced professionals, who are dedicated to providing quality care. Through coordination and supervision, our staff is able to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes communication and partnerships with inpatient facilities, home care agencies, physicians, pharmacists, clergy, funeral directors and all others who are instrumental in care outside of our own staff. Through this effort, we’re able to ensure there are no gaps or shortcomings and patients receive the quality of care they deserve. 

Bereavement Care

Hospice care helps patients maintain a high quality of life as they approach the end of their life. A patient’s death does not mark the end of our services, however. Our hospice team is dedicated to providing benefits for the patient’s family during this difficult time of mourning, as well. Trained volunteers, clergy members, and counselors can provide support, refer family members to groups and other professionals when needed, or even help with funeral planning. These services continue for 13 months after a patient’s death in order to fully support individuals as they cope with the loss of their loved one.